As Christmas Approaches, Nigerians groan amidst High Prices Of Food Items, transport fare,naira scarcity.


It is another season of jubilation and festivity.

Nigerians are used to travelling home every end of the year for Christmas and New Year festival. Christmas provides people with the opportunity to unify with their families and loved ones.

Howbeit, the scarcity of the naira notes, high increases in transport fares and food items, among others, have made it very difficult for many people to travel during this period. The high cost of living and other economic issues have join to magnify the present situation.

A lot people are starving, they can barely afford the basic necessity of life like food, clothing, etc. in the opinion of the National Bureau of Statistics, 133 million Nigerians are largely poor out of over 200 million citizens.

This dim situation ahead of Christmas are; removal of fuel subsidy and devaluation of the naira are at the root of the frigid economic hardship, lack of unemployment and high inflation has also taken a reckoning on household’s welfare and price increases have pushed so many Nigerians into poverty.

Recall that President Bola Tinubu, during his initiation on May 29, removed instalment of subsidy on Premium Motor Spirit, PMS, in other ways known as petrol, therewith hiking the price from N185 to N620 per litre, a trip to ever-busy motor parks and markets in major cities like Lagos and Abuja tells the actual mood of the people.

low patronage on the side of the traders due to the present situation in the country, traders are lamenting low patronage, economic hardship For instance, a bag of 50kg long grains of rice costs N65, 000 while a bag of short grains is sold for N50, 000.

Tinubu needs to address the causes of cash scarcity and enact logical measures. The interference is crucial not only for soothe immediate challenges but also for enhancing a robust and all round financial situation.

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