Asake’s New Music Video Causes Religious Chaos


The Nigerian artiste Ahmed Ololade popularly known as “Asake” have come under fire by Nigerians over his controversial stance in his newly released music video for his latest single “Only Me.”

The artiste is seen dressed in Catholic priests’ regalia and dramatizing a scene from Catholic rite called “Consecration.” In the video.

After the release of the music video, many Nigerians have expressed their disapproval on how the artiste made a joke out of Catholicism and urged him to take down the video as it is a slap to Catholicism and Christianity as a whole.

An X (Twitter) user by the name Solomon Buchi reacting to the video said “Asake keeps disrespecting the Christian faith in his music videos. Dramatizing giving the Eucharist, robed up in priestly regalia for a music video that has no connection with Christianity is disrespectful. In his Bandana video, he depicts black goats trooping into the church, with cloven tongues of fire above weird men. Asake, I think, is a Muslim. Why doesn’t he go above and beyond to embarrass his Muslim faith in this same way?”

Many people opined that Christianity is most times taken as a joke and are of the opinion that more stringent rules be applied so that individual stop making joke out of its sacredness and sanctity.

They added that the song and the video released have no connection and it goes further to prove that Asake’s intention was just to mock Christianity and Catholicism in particular.

Many other internet users have also lashed out threats to Asake warning him to bring down the music video or risk the downfall of this musical career.

Some people however are of the opinion that there was nothing wrong with the music video and still maintained allegiance with Asake as in the case of another X user who said that “No matter who Asake Works with on his music videos, he always finds a way to make his work shine.

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