Things You Probably Don’t know About Ashlee White, Theophilus Sunday’s Fiancée

Theophilus Sunday and Fiancée
Theophilus Sunday and Fiancée

Ashlee White, the fiancée and wife-to-be of Minister Theophilus Sunday, is a Jamaican woman based in Washington, District of Columbia, United States of America.

The beauty queen, whose unveiling to the public space by her husband-to-be, Minister Theophilus Sunday, has caused uproar in the social space, is undoubtedly a woman wearing many hats, from being a realtor and an NGO founder to a communication expert and a former queen.

Ms. Ashlee holds a Master’s Degree in Strategic Communication and Public Relations from Trinity Washington University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Norfolk State University.

She is the founder of the non-profit organization One Breath at a Time (OBAAT) and Project Save Haven. She organized the inaugural asthma walk in North Carolina after her mother’s diagnosis of bronchial asthma, powered by her non-profit, One Breath at a Time.

She actively volunteers for numerous non-profit organizations, including the American Heart Association, Everylife Foundation, the American Lung Association, and others in the US.

Driven by her passion for real estate, she established Ashlee White Estates, US. She’s currently a global real estate advisor with TTR Sotheby’s International Realty.

At 15, she was a competitive boxer for Midtown Youth Academy, an organization promoting success through education and wellness via boxing. Also, she is a former Miss North Carolina in the US.

She has become one of the most searched persons on the internet just a few days after she was unveiled, as Netizens seek to know a lot about her.

How her path crossed with Minister Theophilus Sunday as well as how long they have known each other is not verified yet. However, it was revealed that she visited Nigeria in July 2023.

Her unveiling in the public space caused mixed reactions by Netizens and fans of Minister Theophilus Sunday. While some congratulate the about-to-be couple, others fault the posture of their photo shoots as well as Ashlee White’s dress.

Theophilus Sunday and His Fiancée Ashlee White
Theophilus Sunday and His Fiancée Ashlee White

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